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Wheel Alignment in London

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Trust Us with Your Wheel Alignment in Kilburn

Wheel alignment is the electronic tracking and adjusting of the wheels to ensure the wheels are pointing at the correct angles and degrees, relative to the car and manufacturer’s specifications. If your car has poor wheel alignment, it can cause issues with performance and safety. It is important to know your car has properly aligned wheels.

How To Tell You Need a Wheel Alignment in Kilburn

  • Your steering wheel is offset when vehicle is traveling in straight line.
  • The vehicle is drifting or pulling to the left or right.
  • The tyres are wearing ‘bald’ or show signs of uneven wear to either edge.

Should any of the above signs present themselves, we strongly recommend you have that car immediately checked for wheel alignment and steering geometry. We recommend having your wheels aligned at least once a year, or when the vehicle covers many miles, or bears regular excessive weight, such as commercial vehicles. In this case, wheel alignment should be carried out at least every six months.

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Why Choose Demo Auto Centre for Your Wheel Alignment

We use state of the art 3D 4-wheel alignment technology to ensure that your wheels are perfectly aligned down to the last millimetre. There is no room for error with wheel alignment, and we ensure that everything is perfect when you bring your car for its wheel alignment in Kilburn to us. Our friendly team are happy to explain any intricacies or details of the procedure to you.

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If you have noticed that your tyres are wearing unevenly, or that your car is pulling to one side, it is time to book a wheel alignment in Kilburn. You can book online using our website – simply enter your registration plate and we will take care of the rest. You don’t need to pay anything until the work has been completed. We look forward to seeing you.

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